Hi everybody,

I want to tell you how my EVS life is going.

Day by day I can feel more comfortable in this city. It is getting be like my home. Sometimes I see someone who I met before on the street and that feeling is really meaningful for me. I can go to eat or shop alone and contact with people, sometimes in English sometimes I try to speak in Hungarian. So, for now, city life is easier than the beginning.


For my Project, everything is going very well. First I thought it will be hard with kids because of the language. But my Hungarian friends help me with translation and the teachers help us with everything. By these ways, I can work with children easily and it makes me really happy. We trying to teach them English and they are really clever and brilliant. I can feel they obviously like our activities for that reason when I go to kindergartens I feel energetic and happy. I really love my job.


This month we started an English club every Thursday. We had only 2 meetings. The first one was just about to know each other. I was so excited about that English club because we had the same club in Turkey and it was going well. I wanted to carry here something from there. Language is so important for everybody . Especially for youngsters because we need another language for everything in our life. For school, job, travel…of course, we are learning English in school but it is not enough because we should practice and use the languages, it is the best way to learn another language. This club is a really good opportunity for that. We met the participants they are so nice and the meeting was really friendly. I am sure other weeks it will be more interesting and funny.


In addition this month I went to some good places in Romania. Firstly we decided to go to Red Lake. When we were going there we stopped at Zetelaki Lake. It was so nice, the lake was like a mirror and I can see the autumn colors everywhere. Then we reached the Red Lake we rented a boat. Before we went there, I saw some photos on the internet but it was much more beautiful than photos. The lake, inside the trees, autumn and ‘kürtőskalács’ was great. I tried kürtőskalács for the first time and it wasn’t a strange taste for me, I liked it.


End of the month we should have solved our visa problem because we had a short-term visa but we needed to get a long-term one. For that reason, we went to Turkey. Our flight was from Cluj to İstanbul. Before and after our flight to Turkey and from Turkey we got a chance to spend time in this young and colorful city. Maybe Cluj-Napoca is my favorite city for living in Romania. It is so alive in every hour and peaceful. There was a big park in the city and people use that park all days. This is a really good opportunity in big cities. We went to Retro party in Cluj and when we heard one song from Turkish singer Tarkan we were so surprised with Gokhan. If you are living in another country, to hear or see something from your home country makes you proud.


I spend two weeks in Turkey with my family and my friends.I guess one of the most missing part of Turkey for me is the food. So I did’t hesitate to eat whatever I want in that period. Also I had the opportunity to visit my favourite places. But after that relaxing holiday when I arrive my home in Szekelyudvahely again, I felt that I missed here even in 2 weeks. As I said in the beginning of my writing, this city is becoming my home quickly..