Hello guys, I would like to share my last memories in my EVS experience;


    Firstly I want to say what have we done so far. Our main goal is providing basic English education for kindergartens. So, we’ve started to do that with three different kindergartens. We have at least two children group in each kindergarten. Every Monday we assign a subject to teach then prepare a presentation and activity for interactive education and a game or dance to get their attention longer. They have already learned numbers, colors, body parts, weather conditions and basic sentences in English. As far as we can see children are grateful for these lessons. Also, I think they like that to have two strangers who can’t speak Hungarian. But still, sometimes they forget about that and trying to communicate with me in Hungarian when they do so the best option is, if there is no English-Hungarian translator(Hungarian volunteers, Merci and Zsuzsi) near me, to say Igen, and pretend like as I understand them . For now, kindergartens are going well. I hope that the end of the year they will remember all these things that we taught them. On the other hand, we created the UFF English Club for practice our English with youngsters who interested. We’ve had too much fun so far and I believe our Club will be a better place day by day.


I would like to say something about my travel experiences too. Last week I spent 5 days in Cluj-Napoca. One of my friends was saying that ‘ If you like Cluj, you like it too much if you don’t like it, you hate it, there is no middle point.’ And I clearly can say that I love that city. It’s a small city compared to Turkish cities, but it felt me superb. The main square, parks, pubs, restaurants, lights in the streets and so on. Probably I will spend my new year’s eve there. Moreover last month I went back home to Turkey to get my long-term visa and stayed there for 2 weeks. That was a great time with my family and friends. Also, I was able to eat my most missed flavors like baklava, iskender kebap, and kunefe…


After all, I came back to my lovely city Székelyudvarhely to keep going my life. I’m excited about the next days. I hope everything will go with the same rhythm.

August and September

Hello all;


My name is Gökhan, from Turkey. I’m a volunteer in Székelyudvarhely. It has been 45 days since I came here and I want to share my first impression of the city and my life here.

First of all, I should say that my expectation was a bit different from what I saw. This city is more active and social than I thought.  People are friendly and smiley, sometimes It’s a problem to communicate with them but soon I believe that I will solve this problem by learning Hungarian. My co-workers are so kind, we have already became friends. We had enjoyable activities in that short-term such as English camp, team building meetings, concerts and so on. I even participated in a wedding ceremony of one of my colleagues and I loved it very much.

Basically, I can say that I’m here to provide utmost benefit for a target group. It could be kindergarten kids, high school youngsters or a part of the society. We started in kindergartens by teaching English at the basic level. Communication with such small kids it’s the most difficult part of this right now, but it will be easier when we get used to each other. Also, we are planning ‘English Speaking Hour’ event for youngsters who are interested. Our aim is to improve their speaking skills and make them feel comfortable while speaking English. That will be a great opportunity for them to express themselves to foreign people. In addition as volunteers, we are helping our co-workers about on-going projects. It’s just a beginning,  we’ll add new projects to benefit society.

Everything is on the right track so far. My new life exceeded my expectation. I’m glad to be here. I hope I can say the same thing at the end of my project.