Training, trips and friends

As far as I remember in my last blog episode I finished writing just before going to Mid Term Evaluation Training by Erasmus+. So if you are interested, I’m willing to share my memories.
The training was held in Poiana Brasov at a luxury facility. The place was chill and comfortable in every way; rooms, natural environment, foods and so on.
However, some volunteers were not satisfied. I believe they would prefer a place in the city center and covered by local or young people who want to party all night long just like we had in On Arrival Training. But if 90 volunteers are in the same place, location and opportunities do not matter, the party is inevitable. Even though they warn us several times as ‘Do not party at your rooms’ one of my friend’s living room was suitable for a party for 50 people. Thus, we did, every single night. But the fault is not ours, the room’s itself.

I don’t want to bother you about the content of the training, it was kind of similar to On Arrival Training. But basically, they aimed at the importance of volunteering and opportunities after the volunteering period. Also one of the most useful part for me is the definition of the learning and the learning types. It was a proper Personal Development training I would say.
After training, we had enough time and energy to visit Peles Castle which is 90 minutes away from Brasov. It’s the most beautiful castle I’ve ever seen in Romania so far. Although the guide was not so excited about telling the story of the castle -which I can understand, doing the same thing a dozen times every day, using the same sentences like a robot, not so interesting- even she couldn’t break the enthusiasm that the castle has woken deep inside me. Because at least she was talking English.

As volunteers, nowadays most of our working hours have been spent to the magazine called “Sulisokk” which we publish soon. Our goal is to explain and introduce the EVS program. From the very beginning to the end the language is English and all the articles created by us. You’ll find anything you may want to find about EVS, so stay tuned and do not miss the chance to get informed. Who knows maybe you’ll be volunteers too, in the future.

Before I left my hometown for the first time, I could not expect that I would find close friends. Because, you know, language is an obstacle, cultures, and ideologies are different. But it didn’t take too much time to realize that you can find people around the world, even though you belong different culture, ideology, and perspective, still, you might be able to think the same way. One of the best decisions of my life was participating in the Work and Travel program and thanks to that experience I have lots of precious friends and some of them came to visit me in Romania. We spent the Easter holiday together. It was an enjoyable journey but at the same time tiring too, because in 2 days we made a big trip included Salina Turda, Sibiu, Sighisoara, and Brasov. Also every night we went back home to sleep that means we spent to much time on the Romanian defective roads. But it

definitely worth it. Even though we don’t talk too much via social media I realized that we didn’t lose anything regarding our friendship.


So far my life is going that way as I tried to tell you guys. Hope you did enjoy while reading. See you in the next blog article. Enjoy your life.



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