Good Vibes, Great Times

We’ve already completed the winter of 2019. I can say that this year started very well for me. I’ve greeted it by two life-changing decisions. One of them is to quit smoking, the other one is to start up a gym. Both of them was the most wanted achievements of my life for around 2 years. So I feel proud to accomplish them during my life changing EVS experience.


As you know, we were preparing a board game for primary schools about the environment that I mentioned in my last blog article. Now I can gladly say that we’ve completed it and already played more than twenty times with different primary and high school students. While some of them were happy, amused and enjoyed, some of them were shy, hesitant or doubtful. But after we started to play the game all of them had some fun definitely. Thanks to that project we’ve met a lot of precious English teacher and all of them loved our game maybe more than the children. I think they are the reasons for the overall good English level of this city. Children are lucky for having them in their schools.


Life is good, the weather is getting better day by day. We might plan some trips with my home-mates soon. But for now, the closest future plan is to join the midterm training with other volunteers in Romania. I’m so excited about that. I am going to share all the details with you soon. So far that’s all. Have a great day.