Hello dear readers

I am going to tell you about my February vibes. First of all, we started this month with one week holiday because we finished the boardgame earlier than the deadline date. That week was a really good opportunity to create new habits. I decided to start to go to the gym because I need something to do more than our project. I have been here around six months and started to be a little bit homesick.  So I think new habits could help with that too.


In three weeks, we went three schools, twenty-three classes…It means that our game is working very well, students and teachers like the board game. We like to work with them and we met a lot of new people but also we played the same game twenty-three times and we are bored a little bit. Anyway we proud of ourselves about the board game, we worked a lot on it but worth it.


In the first week our school was Orban Balazs. We’ve played our game with nine different classes but I definitely can’t forget any of them. They were only fifth graders and I was surprised about their English level. Almost all student understood the game and answer correctly. Also, I can’t forget one student who is half Turkish half Hungarian. He suddenly started to speak in Turkish with me and I was shocked. That will be a nice memory for me.



The second school was Reformatus Kollegium. In this school students were intelligent too. Besides, we worked with four different teachers and all of them were great and helpful. Actually, we prepared this game for primary school but we tried with high school students too. English teachers offered us to play with high school students, even for them it was interesting.




The last school of this month was Benedek Elek Pedagogical School. Also, English teachers were great again, they helped us too much. And the students have interested in us and our game. They felt the competition during the game. We gave a grass man to every winner group as a gift. It is connected with our game also it is a funny and good memory for them. At the end of this three weeks I could say that students English level is really good and more then what I expected. Furthermore, they are so lucky because of their teachers.


In addition to that, we continue the English Club. Every Thursday we are meeting at UFF office and doing our activities. Also, we have new members this month. Our favorite activity is playing Taboo now. We have cozy and enjoyable time with participants.



Once and for all, I want to write about my trips. We went to some cities near Udvarhely. First, we went Targu Mureş, to feel that big city life feeling with a mall, cinema, and Mcdonalds. Then we had one girly weekend with Merci and Zsuzsi. We started the day in Ciuc with great coffee then we finished our day at Sfantu Gheorge with a tasty dinner. Also, we closed this month with one ice carnival and one birthday (Gökhans birthday) at Septimia.


My favorite activity is to discover new places. So I am looking forward to spring to see many new cities in Romania. But  I can feel spring is coming soon for our EVS life…


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